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Site Update

I am in the process of changing the website. As you can see I cleaned house with most of the old posts.  My woodworking shop spent the past few years piled in the corner of a garage.  Wish I could build a shop like Marc at “The Wood Whisperer“.  My plans for this site have changed.  It may involve house repair that is wood related for example. Anything of interest will be posted, as not many of my projects are woodworking related.

Woodworking Videos

With system upgrades completed we are testing new features. Free woodworking videos will be added in the following weeks.  Please check back for added features.

KS Woodwork

Pen Turning Instruction Website

I found a great site with information regarding Pen Turning. I recently started this hobby.  This site appears to be directed towards beginners like myself. The website address is:

KS Woodwork

KS Woodwork Store

We are ready to announce the new KS Woodwork Store. The store can be viewed by selecting the link on the menu to the right.

KS Woodwork Store

Any feedback would be appreciated. The page will be adjusted over the next few months as needed.

KS Woodwork

Woodworkers Help Save the Children #3 had discussed supporting an organization this year. The details for Help Save the Children has been finalized. More information can be found on their blog and on a dedicated page.

Lumberjocks Blog

Lumberjocks Woodworking for a cause page

Woodworking projects

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Technology is Great….When it works.

I intended to post the Freedom Pens article yesterday afternoon. Technology and weather were not playing nicely yesterday. Our internet provider went down for an extended period of time. Most likely due to the massive storms moving through the mid-west. The ISP informed me the outage had just been reported and there was no ETA. About 2000 modems were down. I had the great idea of using dialup…. One slight problem consisting of 4 letters. (VOIP) It is slightly difficult to dial without internet connection. Even if the weather improved there would be no wireless hot-spots in service. I guess the technology gods were not on my side. And so we shall move on to another day.

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Freedom Pen Project — Support our troops.

Freedom Pen Poster

I recently found freedom pens website when reading a woodworking forum. This group supports our troops by sending hand crafted pens. These pens are made by individual woodworkers with donated materials. For woodworkers without a lathe you can still help. Wood blanks would be a welcomed donation. Please support our troops by visiting the Freedom Pens website at By getting the word out a goal of 20,000 pens a year can be met. These gifts are appreciated by our troops as stated on the website:

“When one of our hand made writing instruments is used to write a letter home it is a symbol of our support and physical evidence that the people of America care deeply about their safety and are praying for their safe return home.” (
A photo gallery can be viewed at:

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