Kansas City Woodworking Show Review

The 2008 Woodworking show was last weekend in Kansas City. It was much improved over last years show. The entire show floor was packed this year compared to 50 percent full last year. There was no parking spots to be found that is how busy it was. There was a minor issue with the online ticket ordering system. I did not receive the tickets, only an invoice. The invoice was accepted without any problems.

There were a few new local wood-turning and woodworking clubs compared to previous years. Most were providing free demonstrations throughout the show. I attended a demo by wood magazine on installing crown moulding. The only problem was some difficulty hearing over the crowd noise.

The vendors were friendly to deal with. The discounts were not as good as I hoped. I saved shipping on some heavy purchases from Craft Supplies USA.  There will be a review of the CSUSA Pen Press and Blank Drilling jig.  Also look for a review of Penn State Industries lathe.

KS Woodwork

Woodworking Shop Gallery: Fixtures

A couple of shop fixture were very well designed. The Wall Cleat System and Clamp Rack would be useful in any size shop. The Mobile Drawer Cabinet inspired an idea I might investigate. There is a hardware liquidation store locally that frequently has damaged goods section with file cabinets. The smaller ones I believe are around $10.00. Some metal work, paint and a set of casters and there can be a complete cabinet for $20.00. It would be difficult to make a similar cabinet out of plywood or MDF for cheaper.

Wall cleat system

Wall Cleat System

Image retrieved 20 October 2007 from http://www.woodmagazine.com.
The proposed cabinet hanging system allows for easy re-configuration in the workshop. I could see the benefit where a finished wall material has been applied. In the case of drywall, the cleats could be painted the same color allowing them to blend in. Cabinets can be moved without leaving a large number of holes behind. My shop is currently studs without any wall covering. This will work well for now.

Clamp Rack

Wall Clamp Rack

Image retrieved 20 October 2007 from http://www.woodmagazine.com.

The clamp rack design for this idea shop makes efficient use of space. Storage is confined to a small amount of wall space that is a premium in a smaller shop. The design could easily be modified for different kinds of clamps Scrap material that is normally discarded could be used. The rack can be screwed directly to the studs under drywall if the wall cleat system is not used.

KS Woodwork

Woodworking Shop Gallery

Wood magazine has a section on their website dedicated to showcasing various workshop designs. They have suggestions for designing 5 usable workshops based on a set of criteria. Also included is a gallery of the Wood magazine shop as well as reader workshops.

The workshops are:

14X28′ Shop
The Double-Car Garage Shop
The Basement Shop
3 Car Garage Shop (Single Stall)
Outbuilding Idea Shop

The 3 Car Garage Shop (Single Stall) article is similar to my workshop. I have 1 bay of a two car garage. I was able to take a few ideas from the article. Design the shop fixtures so they can easily be re-arranged. As the shop is used it can be modified for optimum efficiency. When building cabinets use the same design and rough dimensions. This will make them easy and cheap to build. A workbench could be modified to work as a router table.

The magazine suggests many low-cost and readily available materials. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), medium-density overlay (MDO) plywood, and soft maple. I use 1-by and 2-by material in my shop. In this area 2X4 kiln-dried studs cost around $2.70.

The entire gallery of workshops can be seen at: http://www.woodmagazine.com/wood/category.jsp?catref=wd122

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Hide Away Workbench

Phil Huber of ShopNotes presented a unique workbench design.  This workbench easily folds up into the wall stud space saving room in a small shop.   The design would work well for adding mutiple work areas that can be accessed as needed.  I  think a heavy duty workbench would still be needed for large projects.

The entire article can be viewed at: http://www.woodworkingtips.com/etips/2007/09/14/sn/

Workbench 1

Retrieved from woodworkingtips.com on 7 October 2007.

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16 ways to save money buying wood

Material prices seem to go up faster than the price of gas. Wood Magazine published an article with 16 tips on how to save money on lumber purchases. I found out a few new ideas to try. I frequently use the second suggestion. The grain of smaller pieces can be arranged in panels where the seams blend in.

2. Buy lower grades.
The next two grades below FAS and Selects are #1 and #2 Common. These boards are narrower and shorter than the higher grades, and yield fewer clear cuts. But prices can range 30-50 percent lower than FAS. So even if you have more waste, you may have a real bargain. If you can’t find #1 Common at your regular dealer, try one that caters to contractors and cabinet shops.
The entire article can be viewed at the following address:


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