Woodworking Shop Gallery: Fixtures

A couple of shop fixture were very well designed. The Wall Cleat System and Clamp Rack would be useful in any size shop. The Mobile Drawer Cabinet inspired an idea I might investigate. There is a hardware liquidation store locally that frequently has damaged goods section with file cabinets. The smaller ones I believe are around $10.00. Some metal work, paint and a set of casters and there can be a complete cabinet for $20.00. It would be difficult to make a similar cabinet out of plywood or MDF for cheaper.

Wall cleat system

Wall Cleat System

Image retrieved 20 October 2007 from http://www.woodmagazine.com.
The proposed cabinet hanging system allows for easy re-configuration in the workshop. I could see the benefit where a finished wall material has been applied. In the case of drywall, the cleats could be painted the same color allowing them to blend in. Cabinets can be moved without leaving a large number of holes behind. My shop is currently studs without any wall covering. This will work well for now.

Clamp Rack

Wall Clamp Rack

Image retrieved 20 October 2007 from http://www.woodmagazine.com.

The clamp rack design for this idea shop makes efficient use of space. Storage is confined to a small amount of wall space that is a premium in a smaller shop. The design could easily be modified for different kinds of clamps Scrap material that is normally discarded could be used. The rack can be screwed directly to the studs under drywall if the wall cleat system is not used.

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