I recently found Google SketchUp. This software can be used to design 3D models. The software is free and competes with AutoCAD’s product offerings for an occasional user. There are a lot of powerful tools I recall seeing years ago in a CAD class. Even with past drafting experience the learning curve seems to be high.

Toying around with different features I managed to create a basic drawing. If you could not tell it is supposed to be a workbench with multiple drawers on two sides. 🙂
My Sketchup Drawing

I do not know if I will use the program extensively in the future. I can complete drawings with a drafting ruler, triangles and some grid paper in less time. These paper drawings seem to meet my design needs. If I do master the software it will be another tool used in woodworking. The software can be downloaded from http://sketchup.google.com/. The User Manual is available in PDF form from http://dl.google.com/sketchup/gsu6/docs/ug_sketchup_win.pdf.

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