The original recall date is old, originally posted March 6, 2007. I feel confident that Ryobi has notified all of it customers and resolved the problem. Recently when shopping for a basic router table I noticed many no-name imitations of this design. These cheap reproduced router tables were found at may discount tool stores. When buying a router table make sure this design was not copied as they will have the same risk of causing injury. An portion of the recall is listed below with photos.

The full details of the Ryobi recall can be viewed at:

KS Woodwork

Ryobi Router Throat PlateRyobi Router Throat Plate Large ImageRyobi Router Table

Release #07-120

Description: The recall involves Ryobi-brand router tables, with model number RT101, which is written on the table’s data plate, located on its front leg. These tables were sold as part of the Ryobi combo kits with model numbers R161RTA and R162RTA. The combo kit model number is written on the packaging. A router table holds the router underneath the table. Instead of moving the router over the wood, the table allows the user to guide the wood for cutting. The throat plates are components of the table that consist of five yellow plastic rings. They serve as a guide for the router bit and provide a stable surface around the bit.

Sold Exclusively at: Home Depot stores nationwide between May 2004 and January 2007 for about $100 for the combo kits that include the router, router table and throat plates.